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Arrival and Departure
Check-in is from 2pm, and check out is 10am. If you are expecting to arrive outside of this timeframe, please contact us in advance to make arrangements for this.
Use of communal facilities and shared outdoor spaces
Guests are asked to keep their use of the communal kitchen, dining and surrounding outdoor spaces to between the hours of 6am and 11pm. In the case of an Exclusive Retreat booking, extended hours of use are available.
Guests are expected to clean communal spaces directly after use, leaving them clean and tidy for other guests.
Families and Children

Our Bunk House accommodates families with ample space and comfort for children.
Our Bell Tent accommodation is NOT suitable for children under 12 years old, including infants.
Noise restrictions
Noise restrictions apply from 10pm-8am, to allow all guests to have a peaceful night’s sleep.
In the case of Exclusive Retreat bookings, noise restriction hours can be negotiated.
Liquor Licence Requirements
The Bay of Fires Bush Retreat is a licensed venue. Any guest or patron who does not adhere to the requirements of the Liquor Licence Act, as directed by staff, will be asked to leave the premises.
Any guest or patron displaying offensive behaviour will be asked to leave, and will not be eligible for any refund.
Use of Property
The Bay of Fires Bush Retreat reserves the right to exclusively reserve certain areas of the property for couples or groups, for the purposes of dining and other activities. This does not include the amenities block and communal kitchen area which will be available for all guests to use.
Guests will be asked to pay for any costs incurred resulting from malicious damage to property of the Bay of Fires Bust Retreat.
Credit Cards
By providing credit card details, guests warrant they have the authority to use the credit card and they authorise the Bay of Fires Bush Retreat to charge the cost of their booking(s) to that credit card, as well as charges associated with their stay.
Group Bookings
A group booking must not exceed 4 spaces (rooms or tents) where the booking is non-exclusive. An exclusive booking package will need to be taken for groups who require more than 4 spaces.
Extreme Weather Conditions
The Bay of Fires Bush Retreat reserves the right to cancel bookings due to extreme weather such as high winds and fire. Customers will be notified if such conditions occur and a full booking refund will be offered. In such an event, the customer is responsible for making alternate arrangements and is responsible for any associated costs.

Payment requirements – please refer to our PAYMENT POLICY
Cancellations – please refer to our CANCELLATION POLICY
Guests who do not respect and adhere to the terms and conditions outlined above may be asked to leave the property and will forfeit any charges associated with their booking.